Who we are

The Prospect Company is a business development and marketing organisation offering clear strategic sales thinking & business leadership for SME’s and corporates. We do this by identifying your key sales opportunities and work with your sales, marketing and account management teams through coaching and mentoring to deliver exceptional revenue growth. Once equipped with the appropriate tools and processes your frontline sales teams, back office support and account teams will be able to upsell and cross sell your products and services utilising a long term sustainable approach.

What we do

The Prospect Company was founded by Noha Cok in 2009. Previous to this she was Sales Manager at a publicly owned B2B integration company.

“Necessity is the mother of invention” and during the height of the economic downturn she developed and implemented a holistic approach to sales, marketing and account management. The results were staggering. Revenue quadrupled year on year but more importantly a strategic blue print was created that can be tailored to any business that needs to market its products and services.


A highly experienced relationship-builder with significant Account Management expertise Noha has a track record of successfully driving high performance teams across a broad range of business environments within the EMEA region.

Since 2009 The Prospect Company has successfully re-engineered SME’s and corporates sales and marketing divisions by focusing on a unified approach, coaching and mentoring key staff and providing a long term sustainable strategic plan that can be adapted to any business vertical. See what our clients say about us.

  • Sales consultancy and coaching
  • Sales and interim account management
  • Marketing consultancy
  • [Outbound] sales calls
  • Conference and exhibition sales


How we do it

Noha Cok has developed a 7 stage process for building and driving high performing teams by:


  • Benchmarking - Key business opportunities/ challenges/ USP’s
  • Analysis - Current sales team structure and resource
  • Identification - Sales training and coaching requirements on a one to one and group basis
  • Communication -  Plan for sales and marketing strategy to relevant stakeholders
  • Preparation – Commercial action plan with key steps
  • Implementation – Sales delivery schedule with key performance indicators (kpi’s)
  • Sales Meetings – Feedback and reviews


Mikko Soirola 

Senior Vice President Sales and Marketing, Europe

I recruited Noha Cok to manage Sales Manager and Inside Sales positions in the Netherlands, managing both existing clients as well as prospecting for new accounts. During her tenure she demonstrated a positive attitude and was proactive in developing the sales territory. Having quickly assessed that the existing sales targets were unachievable with the current resources available she developed a more flexible strategy, engaging with new prospect accounts whilst adapting our sales approach to the existing contact network. By doing this Liaison gained much greater visibility within the Dutch market. Simultaneously she evolved the sales office culture to be much more team centric.


Noha’s positive attitude and existing networks are her strongest assets and I can recommend her for any position where strong interpersonal and communication skills are required. If we had a position that would require such characteristics, I would not hesitate to invite her back in.

Herman van Bolhuis

Director CIONET NL

Working with Noha is more than a pleasure. First of all she is a very open and friendly person. Secondly she is very professional in her work and approach, thirdly she is very target oriented and persistent. If you want to achieve goals, work with her!

Sabine den Hartog 

Owner On-Lime

Noha helped On-Lime in the process of becoming more sales oriented. Noha’s assertiveness and her practical and pragmatic skills were a good complement to our blind spot. After two mornings of working with her through our network lists she already gave us enough new insights to work on it ourselves. We still ask ourselves regularly: how would Noha approach this?

She is nice and clever; an agreeable person to work with.

Albert Weessies 

Managing Director SEEBURGER Benelux B.V.

Noha was hired by SEEBURGER Benelux as Sales Executive with the explicit task to build the pipeline, with the focus on new business. With her background in the business in which we operate, she has positively contributed to the success of our Organization both in terms of sales(results) as well as her good influence on the  working atmosphere within our Benelux team.

Noha is a very competent and very driven personality and with her sales skills, drive and open character, she is able to easily open doors at new accounts and build up a strong network of prospects. She clearly sets her goals, is structured, knows the (sales) processes and is committed to her tasks. We would recommend her to any organisation.

Rolf van Wanrooij 

Country Director

Elisa Videra Nederland

Elisa Videra contacted The Prospect Company to help with Lead generation, contacting the existing customer base, prospects, cold calling, and helping to develop the sales department for the Dutch market. Noha Cok successfully managed to reach the amount of prospects we agreed beforehand. We noticed a positive development changing within our team by the way Noha Cok involved them. She is open friendly and a great relation builder. Above all she is an exceptional saleswoman!